What Is The Distance From Kansas City, Mo To Colorado Springs, Co?


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650 miles
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Kansas and Colorado are two of the states of United States of America. It is easy to drive from Kansas to Colorado. There are many web sites which can help you with the direction and guide you to Colorado. It takes about six hours and forty three minutes to reach Colorado from Kansas. The distance is about four hundred and six miles.

The journey starts from the centre of Kansas and stops at "E PIKES PEAK AVE" Colorado Springs, Co. Colorado is situated in the west central part of United States of America.

In sixteen to seventeen century it was explored by the Spanish people. The purchase of state of Louisiana brought the area under United States in the year 1803. In 1861, the territory was organized. In the year 1876 it was declared as the 38th states of United States of America. The population of people here in Colorado is around 4,660,000.

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