What Is The Mileage From Kansas City, Mo To Springfield, Mo?


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The mileage between these two destinations ranges from 166 miles to 188 miles depending on what route is taken. This makes the journey roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes long by car. This route is the quickest time and shortest distance found:

1. Head north on Oak St toward E 12 St/E 12th St
0.2 mi
2. Turn right at the 3rd cross street onto E 10th St
0.3 mi
3. Turn right onto the ramp to I-35 S
0.1 mi
4. Merge onto I-70 E
200 ft
5. Slight right onto US-71 S
37.8 mi
6. Take the MO-7 S exit toward Clinton
0.2 mi
7. Turn left onto MO-7 S/E 275th St
Continue to follow MO-7 S
39.2 mi
8. Continue onto MO-13 S/MO-52 W
Continue to follow MO-13 S
84.2 mi
9. Turn left onto Old Missouri 13 N
236 ft
10. Continue onto W Norton Rd
0.7 mi
11. Turn right onto N Farm Rd 151/N Grant Ave
Continue to follow N Grant Ave
3.0 mi
12. Turn left onto W College St
0.2 mi
13. Continue onto Park Central W

Kansas City is situated in the USA state of Missouri. It is the largest city in Missouri. As of 2010, the population census was 459,787 with a metro area of 2.1 million. The city is well known for its musical taste of jazz and blues as well as to cuisine such as Kansas City-style barbecue.
Springfield is the third largest city in the U.S. State of Missouri. According to the 2010 census data, the population was 159,498. Springfield is the perfect destination for a city holiday and an outdoor getaway and so it provides the best of both worlds. Not to be confused with the fictional Springfield out of the Simpsons.

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