What Is The Bus Schedule From McAllen To Houston?


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The bus trip between McAllen and Houston is a long enough one and is 374 miles. The buses that go to McAllen to Houston start leaving the city at 7am in the morning and leave the central station.
You will need to take a Greyhound bus to make this trip across Texas. There are two buses that make this trip at opposite ends of the day. The first bus is at 7:05pm in the evening and it takes until 3:13am to reach the destination, which is a total time of 8hours and 10 minutes. The next bus is at 11:00 and it reaches the bus station in Houston at 5:15am and takes a shorter 6:15 minutes.
The reason for this is because the first 7:00pm bus stops in a number of extra places on the way to the destination.
  • Bus prices vary for this trip depending on a number of factors. It will cost $27 and $38 for a normal ticket ticket.
  • Senior Citizens that are aged 62 years or older, pay between $26 and $35 approximately.
  • Children between the ages of two to eleven pay between $20 and $28 for the trip.
  • A return ticket costs more obviously and is between $53 and $67. For seniors the price is lower and they pay between $50 and $64, children are between $39 and $51 for the return journey.
There are also a number of ways to save money on a trip like this, in fact it is possible to save up to 50 per cent off the price of the ticket, if you go on the Greyhound site and book in advance. It is also possible to fly for not much more cost than it is to actually take the long bus trip and this should also be considered.

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