How Far Is McAllen From Houston?


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McAllen and Houston are both in Texas.  The distance between both of these cities is 348 miles. It takes 6 hours and 7 minutes on an average to travel from McAllen to Houston. You can go to Once you get to this site, you have to enter the names of the two places. On the left side of the screen, you will see driving directions given in a series of 21 steps, with due emphasis on prominent locations and landmarks which come along the way. On the right side of the screen is the digital map which gives routes and maps in an image format.

McAllen is a city in southern part of Texas. It is also famous as a shipping centre and processing centre for citrus fruit. Houston is a city in the southern part of Texas. It is famous as a leading port. It is also the biggest city of Texas. It is known as a centre for research in aerospace and development. Houston is also famous for the manufacture of petrochemicals and oil.

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