My Girlfriend Is Trying To Get B-2 Visa From Philippines.. Do She Need My W-2 Form?


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Why would she need a copy of what you have made for the prior tax year? Is she preparing your taxes? What is a B-2 Visa and how does that relate to your W-2 form? The form W-2 is a highly confidential form and it's disclosure to anyone for anything is highly questionable! This is not a public document nor should it be disclosed to just anyone for just any reason, perhaps if your question were more detailed this would be easier to obtain an answer.
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No!!!!!! Your W-2 is only for you and the IRS at tax time. You could loose your identity to some unscrupulous. If you can't pay for something with a secure payment method don't order it.
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I think if she is just your girlfriend, there is nothing you have or can do to help her get a visa. She has to prove everything herself and it all has to be her records not someone who isn't kin to her.
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Hi, I'm in the philopines and want to bring my bf back to the uk, if we get engaged does that speed up the process? Has anyone been thr thia before? Or doesanyone know what to do, or if we get married does that speed up the process?

Thanks all

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Hello I am a filipina. My b0yfriend want me to visit him in US. What type of visa sh0uld I use. K1 or B2?
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My girlfriend is trying to get from the philippines to the uk how does she do this I think she needs a visa what does she need to get this

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