What Are Driving Directions/times/distances From Guadalajara To Manzanillo?


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Also, toll booth fares are not negotiable--they vary depending on whether you drive a car, bus or truck and the size of the latter two.

And "acting poor" in Mexico is incredibly tacky. If you are vacationing there, you surely have more money than 90% of the population. Lighten up.
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I drove this about 7 years ago, I can't remember the distance, and we stopped a lot, so I'm not sure on the time either. But the tolls were not much, about a dollar or two. There was 2 or 3 tolls booths along the route. And I'm pretty sure it was different for different people. I think they charged us more because we were American. FYI act poor everywhere you go, most things are negotiable and if they think you have money, or they see money in your wallet, they will use this to their advantage. Also on that drive I was warned by the locals not to flash cash at the booths because of carjacking/robberies on the road.  Its a beautiful drive though, good luck, and have a great trip!
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Reality check. From Manzanillo to Guadalajara is 3 to 4 hours. There are either toll roads called cuota or free roads called libre. There are three tolls to pay. Each toll is right at 100 pesos so that is $9 US. The speeds on the cuota roads are much higher than the libre. You can easily drive 60 to 90 mph on the toll road most of the time. The libre roads are right out of the 1950's They are all opposite direction traffic. But the libre road is the only way to see the towns you pass.

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