How Far Is Washington DC From Fayetteville NC In Miles And Time?


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Sara Lewis answered

The distance from Washington D.C to Fayetteville, NC is 318 miles (512kms).

If you were to do the journey by car, this would take you around 5 hours 10 minutes, a little less if you are lucky with traffic.

Public transport will take you a little longer, between 6 hrs 30 and 8 hrs 30.

The quickest option by far is go to by plane.  You can get a direct flight - there are 2 to 3 each day - and this would take you 1 hr 25 mins.

If you were feeling particularly adventurous you could cycle. It would take you 32 hours, so you might want to do it over a few days! You'd get to pass through some pretty great places along the way though: Prince William Forest Park has some beautiful scenery:

And William B. Umstead State Park near Raleigh would be a perfect last place to stop off.

(But you could also visit these places if you drove, of course!)

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