How Long Do You Need To Stay Married To Obtain Green Card?


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According to my research there is no set timeline for how long you have to be married to get a green card.

  • Green Card Requirements: Marriage
In terms of marriage you are able to apply for a green card, also known as permanent residency in the US after you have legally married. It's important to remember that you are not permitted to apply for it before you are officially and legally married. These rules apply to an individual who is not a US resident, but is marrying one.

In order to obtain a green card you must prove to officials that you are legally bound for genuine reasons. In most cases you will be required to prove that you are partaking in a loving and committed relationship otherwise you may not be awarded a green card. You will be asked certain questions about each other in order to show that the union is real. In addition, in some cases a couple is observed. Once you have proved this, you will have to put your name down on the waiting list which could take up to a number of years. You must stay with your spouse during the waiting period otherwise your status for a green card will be revoked.

  • Lottery
Another way to obtain a green card is via the lottery system which enters your name into a computer and could be picked out from a host of names every year. In order to be eligible for this system you will need to have a high school diploma or proof of two years' work experience. This will ensure that you are put into the lottery, however due to the amount of people that apply for this option, it can be difficult and take years for your name to be chosen.
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Obtaining a green card through marriage can take around 2 to 3 years. However, It can vary from case to case, as the agencies have to check and verify whether the couple is actually married or is just faking it for a green card.
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After 4 years of marriage my husband from Uganda sais that the marriage is not working after he gets his green card last month in June. I believe he used me for that purpose, I had no idea that he could be so cruel.

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