After Getting My Green Card How Long Do I Have To Wait To Travel?


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I entered the u.s on a k.1 visa we have'nt applied for my green card as yet its been almost a year now is there any law against that. I'm very concern.
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I don't think there is a time frame that you have to wait after you get your green card. You could get your green card today and be on route to another country tomorrow. Just remember that the time you spend abroad will count against you when you are ready to apply for your citizenship. For example, if you have been a legal resident for at least 3 years and have not left the country at all, you can apply for your citizenship. If you leave the country, then you have to wait 5 years to apply for your citizenship, and then they will ask you the reasons behind your travels.
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The stetement that if you live the country within your firs three years here. That you will have to wait 5 is false. My wife was here for three years and traveled every summer with our kids to south america and she filed and received her citizenship
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I came on visitor's visa and am staying since June 2006 in US. I got my green card. When can I apply for citizenship? Please advise.

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