I Have Step Children Who Are In Jamaica. How Do I Get A Visa For Them To Come And Visit Us In The US?


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Demarofirst you need to pay 131 u.s. Dollars for the u.s. Application visa fee, then you have to fill out an electronic application form (ds-156&ds157) handwritten forms are no longer accepted.the DS156 form can be found and downloaded http//visaforms.state.gov the DS157httpfoia.state.gov/forms/visa/ds0157.pdf... Each electronic formwill have a barcodeused for scanning the application when you appear at the embassy for your appointment. Make sure that your printer prints the barcode ledgible so that it is scannable or else you can be turn back if the barcode cannot be scanned. And asked to return with a readable barcode. The average wait  time between the submitting of the application and interview varies, each week appt. Are added and cancelled. All this depends on the volume  and on the date of submission.visa appointments  and wait times can be looked up at this sitehttp/travel.state,gov/visa/temp/wait/temp/visitors..waitphp... Please also note thatbased on individual circumstaces in each case such as special clearances,incomplete applications,fraud investigations may influence the processing of individual cases. So please see that your forms are correctly completed, and all questions answered. So that you will not have .to redo your  forms and get held up.
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Thanks for the info it was very helpful. I am going to take your advice and I will make sure that the app. is filled out correctly. Again, I truly appreciate you taking time to forward this information to me. I am very grateful.

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