What Time Is It In EDT, To 2:00 P.M. CET


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"If the time were 2.00pm Central European Time (CET), for example, in the city of Algiers in Algeria, then it would be 9.00am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), for example, in the city of New York. The corresponding Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) would be 1.00pm. This is because CET is 1 hour ahead of GMT, and EDT is 4 hours behind GMT. This all means that EDT is a total of 5 hours behind CET, so if you arrived in Algiers at exactly 12.00pm EDT, it would actually be 5.00pm in the city, but would still be 12.00pm back in New York.        

This means that journeys from EDT into CET (or into any time West of EDT) seems to take far longer than you would expect. For example, you could leave New York for Algiers at 10.00am, and the flight time is 7 hours. You would arrive at Algiers airport at 5.00pm EDT, but it would actually be 10.00pm in Algeria, so a 7 hour flight had actually taken 12 hours! This quirk of  our timing system occurs whenever you travel West through time zones, but sadly this does not technically count as actual 'time travel' as no one in Algeria has gotten 5 hours older than the tourists from America in the time it has taken their plane to get to its destination!
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New York CET time zone has a 6 hrs difference with EDT. CET is 6 hrs ahead of EDT which means at 2pm CET the EDT timezone would be 8am. Click here for time converter
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If it is 2 p.m. EDT what time is it in Saskatoon, Canada
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10:00 in EDT = IN GMT

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