What Is The Distance From Dallas,Tx To Grand Canyon?


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The distance from Dallas Texas to The Grand Canyon National Park is approximately 1050 miles (1689 Kilometres). Obviously this differs slightly depending on where you class as your exact departure and arrival point but from approximate centre to centre this is the distance. This journey in total should take around 17 hours but this may be significantly longer in bad traffic or if you take the smaller roads rather than the most direct route.

Grand Canyon is 277 miles/446 km long. It begins at Lees Ferry (mile 0) and ends at the Grand Wash Cliffs (mile 277/km 446). Nearly five million people see Grand Canyon each year. Most of them see it from their car at overlooks along the South Rim (this includes Grand Canyon Village, Hermits Rest and Desert View). The South Rim - 60 miles/97 km north of Williams and 80 miles/97 km north west of Flagstaff, Arizona - is the most accessible part of the park and is open all year. Entrance fees to the park are $25 per private vehicle, $12 pedestrian or cyclist; fees for commercial bus/tour van passengers vary. Admission is for seven days and includes both rims.
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The distance is 914 miles.The distance is calculated "as the crow flies". It uses the latitude
and longitude of the cities to calculate the distance, so this may vary
from the driving distances.

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