How Far Is Dubai From Riyadh?


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The distance between Dubai to Riyadh is 538 miles (865.82 kilometers). The time taken to cover this distance is around seven hours and twenty minutes, depending upon the speed of the vehicle.

Riyadh is a city located in Saudi Arabia, the population of people situated in this area is around 4,087,154, according to the census recorded in the year 2004. Riyadh also acts as the capital of Saudi Arabia. As it is positioned in the middle east of the country, it was selected as the Saud dynasty's capital in the year 1824. Riyadh was chosen as the capital in the year 1932. The discovery of oil deposits in 1930 changed the town into a modern showplace. Now it has modern architectures, advanced techniques of production and huge highways. Riyadh also plays a very important role in the economy of the country. It is considered a major commercial and educational center of the country.

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