How Far Is It From Paris To Zurich?


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The estimated distance between Paris and Zurich is around 654 kilometers - that is around 406.37 miles. If you wish to drive down to Zurich at an average speed, you will cover the distance within six hours and twenty two minutes. While driving down to Zurich, you will pass through some of these prominent places : Antony, Evry, Auxerre, Beaune, Dole, Montbeliard, Belort, Mulhouse and Basel and last would be Zurich.

Zurich is a city located in Switzerland. It is a metropolitan city, with an estimated population of 363,274, as recorded in the year 2000. This city covers an area of 1,735 square kilometers. It is positioned at the north western border of Zurich Lake. Before the Romans acquired the area it belonged to the Celtic Helvetii. It became a grand city in the year 1218, and grew as a trade center since then. Zurich is a main tourist attraction and financial depot of the country.
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