If My Baby Was Born In The UK And The Parents Are Not British, Can The Baby Have British Passport, Nationality?


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You can apply but things may be slightly more difficult than if the child had British parents. My father is half Italian and because of that they won't let me get a British passport and I'm classed as an illegal immigrant when I've lived here all my life. I have to wait until I'm 18 to be classed as a British citizen, which means I can't leave the country until then either.
But you may be able to get a passport for the child if both parents are there to agree the child was born in the UK and that they both want the child to have a British passport.
That was the problem with mine. My father is no longer in the country to verify that he wants me to have a British passport.
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Yes of course you can apply for a British passport. It doesn't matter weather your parents are British nationals or not, if you are born in UK you'll have the British nationality.

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