What Currency Is Used In Thailand?


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Depends a lot on what you are buying???.... Umm okay.... J/k everyone.... But it is the Baht and you will get about 30 Baht for a dollar, but often American soldiers are there and American dollars are considered good for goods and services near the ports at least.
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The official unit currency of Thailand is the baht.

100 satang = 1 baht.As of March of 2008, US$1 will buy 33 Thai baht.
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Thai baht used in Thailand
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The currency of Thailand is the Thai baht. The Kingdom of Thailand is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. It borders Laos and Cambodia on the east, the Andaman Sea and Myanmar to the west and on the south is the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia. Siam was the country's official name right until May 11, 1949.

In the Thai language, the word Thai translates as "freedom" and it is also the term for the majority ethnic group. This country promises something for everyone. It has shopping destinations, spas, meditation centres, gourmet cuisine and different popular spots for travellers seeking pleasure and entertainment. For adventure seekers, Thailand boasts of a number of adventure activities such as diving, parasailing and other water sports. It is even famous for its eco tourism. In Asia Travel and Tourism Creative Awards 2006 Special Tourism Award Thailand's Grand Palace was voted among eight most popular attractions in Asia.
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The Baht

You get about 35 baht to a dollar!!!

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