What Form Of Currency Is Used In The Country Of Estonia?


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Well the currency used in Estonia is known as Estonian Kroon. The Kroon has been the currency of Estonia since the year 1928 and one Kroon is distributed into 100 senti.

The initial Kroon was introduced in the year 1928. It substituted the mark at a charge of hundred to one. It was distributed till the time Soviet invasion took place in the year 1940 and the Kroon was substituted for Soviet rubles at a charge of one ruble being equal to 0.8 Kroon.

The second version of the Kroon was launched in the year 1992, and replaced the Soviet ruble at a charge of 1 Kroon being equal to 10 rubles. At the moment the Kroon is formally in ERM II, which is the EU's exchange rate mechanism.
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It help a little on my project because it didn't have a picture how the money look like

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