What Are Some Fun Facts About Great Britain?


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Did you know that in Britain 165 million cups of tea are drunk everyday, the average person eats 10kilos of biscuits in a year, and the Police Force spend £3000 a week on tea and biscuits? These are all completely true.
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Policemen are called Bobbies
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Great Britain is a country that is located in Europe. It is basically the largest Island of Europe and it is the third most populated island on earth. The country has a population of around 58 million people and is the 5th largest economy on earth.

Fun Facts!

Below are some interesting and fun facts about the country:
- The country used to have many wolves and wild boars.
- It is home to many kinds of hedgehogs, baggers and red foxes.
- It is only 35 kilometers away from France and is linked with France through a tunnel under the English tunnel.
- The most popular pop music band from England is The Beatles. Which changed the music scene throughout the world.
- Unlike the rest of the world, the electricity is 240 volts.
- It was said that the Sun never sets on the British Empire, and now the world says, the sun never rises on Britain ( as it is cloudy all the time).
- The traffic system is right handed.
- Policemen are called Bobbies.
- The most unique thing on roads is the Double Decker Bus.
- Union Jack is the official name for UK Flag.

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The robin is Britain's favorite bird.
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Did you know that the closest countries to England are Scotland, Wales and FRANCE! The island of Ireland, with its two nations of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is further away that France across the English Channel.

The English flag is a white background with a red cross, and is called the Flag of St George. St George's day is the 23rd of April (also the date of Shakespeare's birthday) but is not celebrated as a national holiday. However, in Ireland (Northern and the Republic of), St Patrick's Day is a national holiday on the 17th March each year. If it falls at a weekend, then people get the following Monday as holiday, which can lead to a very drink filled weekend!

The Scottish flag is called the Saltire. It is a blue background with white X in the foreground. The flag is often referred to as the flag of Saint Andrew, who was supposedly crucified on an X-shaped cross.

The national symbol of Wales is the dragon, who is depicted upon the welsh flag and the Welsh are often referred to as the dragons. Each year, their national day is celebrated as is known as St. David's day.
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The british believe in UNIcorns. This isn't true with all the British but I believe that the Irish and the Scottish do.
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yeah, I can assure you that nobody believes in unicorns, not the Irish, Scottish or English

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