What Does Jetlag Mean?


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Let me dumb it down to a situation, since the others have already gotten the literal definition. For example, you took a flight from New York to California at around 7:00 pm. You arrive in California 4 hours later, so you feel as if it is 11:00 pm, but really, In California it is only 8:00 pm. The feeling of sleep and not being able to keep up with time is jet-lag.
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Jet lag is a physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms.
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It means when someone flies in a jet plane to a different time zone, it takes them awhile to catch up to the change. The is called a lag.
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It's like when you're on a plane off to a different country or someplace else where it'll take a while to get to, the time zone is different so you get tired because (example) it's morning there when it's night at your original place.
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It's when your body tells you,It's one time,and when the clock tells you it's another.Due to flying through different time zones
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When you cant really walk staright in a way cause you got off a plane and your just used to flying it is a condition
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Jetlag is physiological problem which occurs when (usually travelling in a plane, hence the name 'JET lag") you change time zones.

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