How To Apply For Air Hostess Jobs In Arab Emirates Airlines?


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You will definitely have to get your high school diploma before you apply for an air hostess job. Once you have that diploma under your belt, you can proceed with the following instructions:

· Go online and visit the recruiting website of the Emirates Airlines for filling out your application. To find out what it would be like to work as an air hostess for Arab Emirates Airlines, click on their link that says 'Explore Our Careers' and then select 'Cabin crew'.

· Register on their website to get a password and user name. Next, log onto their site then fill out their application for a consideration as a member of their cabin crew. All your education and work experience should be listed. Any hospitality or customer service will be an advantage.

· Register to go to a global assessment within your area. The assessment will measure your abilities in performing as a member of their cabin crew and also your overall professionalism and presentation. It will be better to attend the assessment in your country of citizenship, unless of course you are in another country working with an employment pass.

· Finish the training program for cabin crew as required by Arab Emirates Airlines. The lucky candidates who are selected after this global assessment obtain a contract with Arab Emirates Airlines to work as a member of their cabin crew. To be able to work as a member of the cabin crew or air hostess all trainees have to complete and also pass the training for cabin crew. This training will consist of on-the-job and also in-class training. After that, members of the cabin crew start working at Level II in the economy class. The cabin crew members who perform well can then progress on to first class and business or even into management.

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