Why You Would Like To Work For The Emirates Airlines?


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Emirates is a popular, high-quality airline that employs cabin crew members from all over the world. Working as a crew member will not only allow you to travel to over 100 destinations but also allow you to meet people from a large variety of nationalities. Emirates prides itself on having crew members that speak over 80 languages throughout their company as well as their 400 international awards.

Working as a crew member, you will get to fly to destinations such as:
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Australasia
  • Africa
  • Americas
  • The Middle East
As Emirates is based in Dubai, the company ensures only the highest quality of training for all staff members. During training, you will be taught in their cutting-edge center.

Alongside this, you will gain:
  • knowledge of duty-free products
  • training in safety measures in ultra-modern simulators
  • free transport to and from work as well as at your next destination
  • training in fine dining and mixology
  • the best medical and dental care
  • insurance
  • accommodation paid for you and your family
The contract is a 3 year non-binding contract after which the possibility of climbing the ladder is high. The role of the cabin crew members is not viewed by the company as just a job but as the beginning of a career. Many of the management staff started out here and Emirates have many opportunities for their staff.

To work as a cabin crew member, experience is a benefit but not essential as all training will be given. Candidates must be fluent in English though a second language is not essential. Emirates look for people who are:
  • flexible
  • positive
  • outgoing
  • friendly
  • those who can work well under pressure
  • people with a keen passion to succeed
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I know what is emirates air line
I traveled two times with emirates
since that I was dreaming to come and get a job in uae just to try to join this company....with emirates air line only I will be proud....
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I apply as a cabin crew in emirates airlines,because I love true travel,I want to see the part of the world,to meet other culture and at the same time learn from them.
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In the interview be confident and always have a smile on your face. Another tip is always answer to the point.

Now coming to your question you can answer it like this.

Yes I am the most suitable one for this company because I am energetic, have a talent, good communication skill and always seeking for new ways and things. As you have seen my CV it fulfills all the requirement for this post and I am sure that I will be an asset to your company. I am looking forward to be part of your team.
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You can see the world while you are working and earning a good salary. You meet new people every day, see new things and learn about new countries, beliefs, cultures etc etc.
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My father works in an airline. He is a senior purser.

I would like to work in an airline because its a respectable job. Their wages are high. Moreover, I would be able to see the world. (free of cost) and also I will get free airline tickets all across the world.

What else you need ?
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I would like to work for emirates airlines because it has been a dream for me to have an international career and to travel around the world. I'm  a fresh graduate from university and I want to start on the right foot.Emirates airlines is one of the largest airline carriers in the world and is well known for their exceptional service to passengers. Well who wouldn't want to be a part of that? We'll I want to be a part of it because I know that joining your company would not only fulfill my lifelong dream but it would also help me hone my talents.

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