Where Is Brighton Located In The UK?


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Brighton is located along the southern coast of England towards the east. To the east of Brighton lies Hastings and further east is Dover. It is better known as Brighton and Hove an amalgamation of Brighton and its neighbouring Hove. It is found in the county of East Sussex.

Brighton and Hove has a population of around a 150,000. The city is famous for its beaches amongst the crowds of people who flock here. It is the nearest and most accessible beach for Londoners. Pebble beach is perhaps the most famous but there are others including those for nudists. Brighton is known for its party scene and nightlife with a variety of discos, pubs and nightclubs found there.

Several long distance events take place between London and Brighton. These include cycling and car rallies.

Besides recreation Brighton is also known for the quality of education provided at its schools and two Universities.

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Brighton: Is located along the southern coast of England in the direction of the east.
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Brighton is located southern coast  of england to wards the east.
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Southeast of Britain

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