How Many Miles Are There Between Liverpool And Brighton?


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The distance between Liverpool, United Kingdom and Brighton, United Kingdom is approximately 271 miles by road. It takes around five hours to get to Brighton from Liverpool by road. There are many ways of getting to Brighton from Liverpool but this is the shortest route which you can take and it takes around 271 miles. There are a few ways to take notice when driving for Brighton.

You will pass some areas such as Moss Street, Prescot Road, Bowring Park, Birmingham, Warwick, Crawley, Bartholomews and other more such areas. If you happen to pass these places, then you are going at the right direction. Some of the highways which you will have to stick on are A580, A57, M6, M42, M40, M1, A2010 and other such highways. It is better to take notice of the weather when leaving as some of the roads might be closed due to rains or extreme weathers.

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