What Is The Time Difference Between The Usa And The Uk?


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Because of the USA’s extravagant size when compared to the UK, the exact time difference will depend on where in America you are based. As you will know, the USA mainly works in two time zones: Pacific Standard Time (also known as PST), and Eastern Standard Time (EST). Meanwhile, the whole of the United Kingdom is based on GMT, moving forward an hour to British Summer Time (BST) during the warmer months.

Apart from a few weeks of difference when the clocks go forward and back at different dates in the UK and the USA respectively, it’s normal for states in the PST time zone to be eight hours behind Britain. This means that when it’s coming up to 20:00 in London, the time will be 12:00 in California. Meanwhile, when it’s 17:00 in Edinburgh, the EST time zone will be five hours behind, resulting in the time being 12:00 in places such as New York.

If you’re looking for exact time differences between certain towns and cities, make sure that you visit websites such as www.timeanddate.com which have plenty more information. In some cases, you might be trying to figure out the extent to which you might have time lag after your flight, or you will want to schedule a business meeting that won’t mean you have to get up in the middle of the night.

Mainland Europe is again also different from the UK, and their time zone is known as Central European Time (or CET, for short). This means that places such as Madrid and Paris are one hour ahead of London, and resultantly six and nine hours ahead of the EST and PST time zones respectively.

There is no answer to this, given that the United States actually spans across a number of time zones. Given that the United States is one of the largest countries in the world, its land mass spans over huge proportions of the earth. Hence, the time in the UK cannot be just translated to the United States. One part of the US may not be far off the UK time, whilst other parts may be the complete opposite.

If you’re looking for a particular area’s time zone to be compared to the United Kingdom, then all you need to do is search online. A quick online search on Google will give you the answer you need as long as you type in the correct information in the Google search.

When searching the Internet you’ll come across a number of websites that will just give you the answer, perhaps because somebody else has already asked the question on the website, Other websites, however, will specialise in providing you with all the information you need in regards to time zones. These website will have their own facilities to provide you with answers. They will have calculators that have you typing in the time zones that you want to convert. It will then tell you what time it will be in one time zone if it is a given time in another. It will also tell you what the difference between the two time zones is so that you can remember it and work it out when you’re away from the computer.

So remember, when translating time zones, all the tools you’re going to need are available easily on the Internet. By performing searches or going to websites you have found in the past, you can be sure to be able to translate time zones easily.
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There are three time differences between the UK and the US. If the time in London (Greenwich Mean Time) is midnight, then it will be 16.00 on the West Coast, e.g. Los Angeles, (eight hours backwards), 17.00 (seven hours backwards) in Arizona, 18.00 (six hours backwards) in Central USA, e.g. Chicago and 19.00 (five hours backwards) on the East Coast, e.g. New York.
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Time difference between Washington and UK
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Manchester uk florida usa
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6 hours
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I live in Texas and according to worldtimezone.com you are 6 hours ahead of us. Wombat is right about the time differences here as well.
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The difference is differs from city to city.
You can get the time difference and the time around the world at worldtimeengine.com
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The time difference between the USA and the UK is largely dependent on your location within the USA. Because the States are east of the Greenwich Meridian, all US time zones are behind UK time.

For example, the time difference between London and New York is currently -five hours, for example, at 10 am in London, it's still only 5 am in New York. But with daylight saving kicking in at the end of March this will change to -six hours for all Eastern Standard Time areas.

Pre-daylight saving in London, the time difference is -four hour for Atlantic Standard Time, -six hours for Central Standard Time areas, -seven hours for Mountain Standard Time, -eight hours for Pacific Standard time, -9 for Alaska Standard Time and -ten hours in Hawaii.

You can check for specific US cities against London time by visiting time and date.com. There is a wealth of information about world time zones on this site.
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It depends in which part of the USA.
The US has 6 time zones, The Eastern (EST), Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska and the Hawaii
time zones.
The EST, when it's 19:45 it should be 00:45 in Winter and 01.45 in the summer, due daylight saving time in winter.

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There are 6 time zones in the USA with the main ones being Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern Standard Time.

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