What Is Greyhound Bus New York To Boston Schedule?


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A full list of the scheduled buses running between New York and Boston can be found online at The fare finder allows you to search for specific dates and find out how much a journey will cost you. In advance you can get deals that will only cost you $14. Bought on the day, refundable tickets can cost you as much as $80 while web-only fares are approximately $20. The journey between New York and Boston on a Greyhound bus takes around four hours and 20 minutes, and up to 15 buses may run between the two destinations each day.

Greyhound Lines Inc. Is based in Dallas, Texas and since its founding in 1914 has served passengers in over 3,700 destinations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Greyhound buses are now under the ownership of British transport firm FirstGroup and is operated under the FirstGroup America division.

The company’s history dates back to Swedish drill operator Carl Wickman who, after failing to become a Hupmobile salesman, took his remaining unsold vehicle and began his own bus service with Andy Anderson. He used the service to transport iron ore miners from work in Hibbing to the saloons in Alice and charged them 15 cents a ride. Wickman then joined forces with Ralph Bogan, who was running a similar service, and they created the Mesaba Transportation Company with a first year profit of $8,000.

After World War I, the company owned 18 buses and was making an annual profit of $40,000. It wasn’t long before Wickman joined forced with the owner of the Superior White Bus Lines, Orville Caesar, to create the Pickwick Lines and the Pioneer Yelloway System. By 1926, Wickman’s bus services became known as the Greyhound Lines and established its name to expand into the business that it is today.

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