Where can I find a sample letter to extend my vacation leave?


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Sample letters for extending holiday leave can be found at the following websites www.sampleletters.in/sample-holiday-extention-letter.html/ and www.letters-home.com/search/i-would-like-to-extend-my-leave/
Writing a letter to your employer in order to extend your holiday leave is relatively simple to do. The letter doesn't have to be long, in fact, short letters are ideal as they allow you to get straight to the point.

  • Tone
The tone of your letter should be very formal, but not to the point that it is rude. Don't include any flowery language and don't exaggerate your reason, otherwise you run the risk of not sounding genuine.

  • How write a letter to extend leave
You should start your letter as you would any other letter by stating the address and date, making sure that they are correct as mistakes will not look good. Open your letter with a formal salutation.

When you start writing the body of the letter, you should begin with a short explanation as to why you need this extension and support this by including the new date that you will need to return.

You should also include your current contact details, possible including your personal mobile phone number so that they can contact you as soon as possible regarding your leave in case there are any problems or if your boss wants to talk.

  • Why write a letter
Regardless of your position at a company, it is essential that you write a letter asking about a leave extension and do not simply take the extra time off. This is so your boss can ensure that your duties and responsibilities are taken care of whilst you are away. It is also important so that they can make sure everything is prepared for your arrival back to work.

If you do not write a letter and simply take the time off, then your boss will be under the impression that you do not have a proper reason.

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