How Can I Write A Letter To My Friend Describing My Summer Vacations?


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Determine what media you would like to use first. If you are good at typing and have access to a computer it may be easier to type the letter and then print it off to send. If you have only a piece of paper at hand, then take out your number two pencil and begin. You probably do not want to use a pen in case you make a mistake in spelling or in how you want to structure the sentences.
You should date the letter in the upper right-hand corner. A single line down write Dear and your friend's name. Indent a half inch and then begin the letter. You can pretty much write anything you wish about your summer vacations. If you went to multiple places throughout the summer you may want to begin with your favourite place first and then go on with some of the other fun attractions that you got to see or do.
To make the letter interesting and make it seem as though you are not bragging you should probably be clear cut in your description. For example, my family and I went to some place and visited the zoo, a theme park, etc. Obviously you would write what you actually did. You can be flowery to keep it interesting such as using a lot of adjectives to describe a place. ‘It was the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen’ or ‘at the theme park we were able to ride various coasters, water rides and watch performances’. You could even say you wish your friend had been with you.
At the end of your letter no matter how many pages it takes you will want to sign it with love, sincerely, regards or another type of salutation and then sign your name.

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