I have a Moroccan passport. Which countries can I travel to without obtaining a Visa?


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Holders of a Moroccan passport have visa-free access to 35 countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. A further 28 countries allow Moroccan passport holders to enter the country and issue a visa upon arrival. If you wish to travel to a country that does require you to have a visa, you will need to organize one in advance with the appropriate international authority.

  • What is a visa?

A visa is an official document that allows you to visit a particular country. Most visas have time limits attached; for instance, a visa may 'run out' after 6 months. Citizens of different countries have visa-free access to differing locations, due to international agreements made between nations. Traveling without a visa is much more practical and convenient; visas can be expensive and impose limitations upon international visits.

  • Who can obtain a visa?

The majority of citizens can obtain a visa to travel to different destinations. Depending upon the nature of your visit, the time you are allowing on your visa may differ. You should never outstay your visa, as this could cause legal problems. Those with criminal records may come across difficulties when looking to get a visa, and could be limited to just a number locations.

  • Traveling abroad

When traveling abroad, you should only visit destinations that you feel comfortable with. If you are visiting an unknown country, be careful to adhere to its customs and laws or you could get into trouble with the local government. For instance, some countries in the Middle East required women to keep their heads covered. Female visitors from other countries must also obey this law.

If you are planning to go traveling around the world appropriate care should be taken, not only to respect the cultures of different nations but to avoid unwanted trouble and danger.

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