How can I become a Moroccan citizen so I can bring my wife back home with me to the U.S?


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This is not as simple as it may first sound. The Moroccan government has strict controls on people becoming Moroccan. The main methods are as follows:

  • By birth
This is covered by the Moroccan Nationality code, which was implemented on September 6, 1958. However, there are issues with this too.

  • By descent
There is no automatic right to citizenship just by being born in Morocco.

Children of a Moroccan parent should receive citizenship, however, regardless of where the child is actually born.

  • By marriage
A woman marrying a Moroccan national can apply for citizenship by declaration after two years marriage and residency.

  • Naturalization method
Citizenship can be given after the five years of continuous residency in Morocco and full age and must be approved by a Cabinet decree. You need to have been resident for at least five years, but this is more likely to be ten or greater. A legitimate reason to become a Moroccan citizen must be cited, and several witnesses must be produced who can vouch for you and your integrity.

This is not a cheap or easy route: You will need a Moroccan lawyer and a good deal of cold hard cash.

  • Dual Citizenship: Recognition and exceptions
Although this is recognized, there are exceptions. Government permission must be granted before a second citizenship can be granted. There is no default recognition of dual citizenship in Morocco.

There are additional problems for Americans too, since to assume a Moroccan citizenship you need to take an oath of allegiance to the state. This can be seen as treason within the United States.

In addition, being a Moroccan citizen in the current political climate may actually be restrictive. You need to think very carefully about this before you do anything with it.

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