Will we ever be able to holiday in space?


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Holidays and vacations stir up much excitement in families the world over. It's all well and good heading to your nearest seaside resort of flying cross continent to sunnier climbs, but there's only so many places on Earth you can visit on your travels.

With this in mind, people are starting to wonder 'what's next?' Where can you go where no man and/or woman has gone before? The final frontier...

Yes, the possibility of space travel may soon be upon us, with exciting new developments in the field coming to the fore week after week. But just how much would one of these elusive trips cost you?

Our friends over at ITN have put together a small summation in the report below. Enjoy!

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Ray Dart answered
Depends upon what you mean by "space". You'll be able to get into near-Earth orbit very soon (if you are wealthy enough) - whether you'd want to stay there for any length of time is another matter.  All you'll really be able to do is experience weightlessness and stare through the window at the Earth.
Where else might you go? Well there is always the moon - takes a couple of days and billions of pounds, but it is possible. As technologies improve, the price will come down, it's probably not going to happen any time soon though. And when you get there? What then? You're not going to be sunbathing, partying or going snorkeling. (A disco on the moon might be interesting (although bcause there is no air, you won't be able to hear the music.
Travelling pretty much anywhere else in space will just take too long.

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