What Are The Most Frequent Words In Thai Language That I Must Learn To Be Able To Communicate With Thais When I Visit Thailand In My Holidays?


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It is a very good idea to learn some basic Thai before visiting the land of smiles. However one must be aware of the fact that Thai language has 4 tones which makes it difficult to pronounce words as one word can have four meanings.

Anyhow it is always good to know some Thai as that will give you a totally new experience. First in line would be "Swadi Khap" meaning Hello, Swadi Khap is the greetings that Thais use to greet one another and you will be hearing it at each step of your visit.
"Sabai dee mai" translates to "Are you fine?" or can be considered as How are you?. As in any language the greetings are asked in the softest of tones.

Learning To count until Ten can also be very beneficial. Therefore let me jot it down. 0 Soon 1 Nung 2 Song 3 Saam 4 Si 5 Ha 6 Hok 7 Jet 8 Paet 9 Gao 10 Sip. Other than this, 20 e-sip 50 ha-sip 100 Nung loy 500 Ha-loy 1000 Nung Phan.
You Probably would have got the feel of it by now. Thailand is famous for its cheap shopping therefore one must be aware how to bargain. If you feel that the seller is asking a high price you tell him "Phang mak mak" which will translate to "Too Expensive". And once you start shopping, you will need to know how much the product cost, you can do that by saying "Thao lai na khap" which will translate to "How much is it Sir?"

Apart from shopping, you will want to travel around a bit. If you wish to tell the driver to go some where. You can use "Pi" which is equal to "go". For instance "Go to Phuket" will be "Pi Phuket na Khap".

Other common words that will be required once you are there are jot down below:

Toilet Hong Naam
Water Naam
Hungry Hew Mak Mak
Food Khao Pao

All these words are probably enough to go around Thailand and enjoy your trip.

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