If The Population Of China Walked Past You Eight Abreast, How Long Would It Take?


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This is a fascinating question. The population of China was measured at 1,313,973,713, that's one billion, three hundred and thirteen million, nine hundred and seventy three thousand, seven hundred and thirteen. Now, if we divide this figure by eight, there would be 164,246,714.125 rows of people that need to pass you.

If each row takes two seconds to pass you, then the number of minutes it would take are 5,474,890, this is roughly equivalent to 228,120 days. Which as we know is six hundred and twenty four years. So, it would take roughly six hundred and twenty four YEARS for that many people to pass you.


Because the population of China is so high and because the birthrate is still quite high, with most couples having 1.8 children, the line would be never ending.

So the real answer is FOREVER. OR, you would die first!

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