What Is The Population Of China?


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The population of China is around 1.3 billion. It has more than doubled in the last fifty years, but its growth has slackened off and it is expected to level out at around 1.5 billion mark fifty years from now.
Concerned about the alarming growth in its population, the Chinese government began to introduce birth control programs on a nationwide basis in the 1970s, and, in 1979, adopted the famous One-Child policy under which Chinese couples were encouraged to have no more than one child per family. Propaganda was used to win support for the policy as well as economic incentives which permitted couples with no more than one child to obtain financial assistance from the government or to secure privileged treatment in matters such as housing.
Because of concerns about their population's long-term viability, members of some minority ethnic groups in China are exempt from some or all of the restrictions of the One Child policy.
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1.3 billion
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Growing rapidly!

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