Why Is China's Population So High?


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• They wanted to have as many children as they could before the one child rule, so that when they got old they would have someone to look after them.
• Before the one child rule, people had to have lots of children to help them with their farming work, where they grew rice, which takes a lot of manual work, so the solution was to have more children.
• Also the social structure encouraged Chinese people to have big families because it was the “in” thing before.
• China didnt't get any plagues or many wars, which would have killed some of their population, like Europe.
• Another reason could be that medicines and such like were discovered much earlier in China, than in Europe.
• The Chinese population has been around for more than 8000 years, which is much longer than any other country.
• Traditionally Chinese woman are married young, which means she can produce children from a much earlier age.

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