I'm Moving To Hamilton In New Zealand, Not Sure Where We Should Live ? Can Anyone Recommend Any Towns And Why ?


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Hamilton is the seventh largest city in New Zealand located just south of Auckland on the North Island. The population is approximately a hundred and eighty eight thousand. Most of New Zealand is beautiful and most people move to it due to the quality of life offered. Most immigrants to New Zealand generally shift to Auckland and this is in part due to the commercial opportunities offered there.

There are though various other options you can choose from. The South Island for example is known for life stock rearing and agriculture where life is very laid back. Queenstown is a lovely tourist centre on the edge of Lake Wakatipu near the mountain range known as the Remarkable. The scenery is breathtaking and the population barely touching ten thousand. New Zealanders are very friendly and welcoming people and the natural beauty of New Zealand is what people expect heaven to be.
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Some of the best places to live in Hamilton in New Zealand are Beerescourt, Callum Brae, Chartwell, Claudelands, Dinsdale, Fairfield, Flagstaff, Forest Lake, Frankton

Glenview, Hamilton Central, Hamilton North, Hamilton East, Hamilton West, Hillcrest, Melville, Ruakura, Rotokauri, Rototuna., Te Rapa and Te Kowhai.

However, some do consider the suburbs to be bad but they are quiet good enough to stay away from the city. However, one of the best and recommended places to live is the centre of the city which is considered to be vibrant and lively is on the Waikato River. The city is being rated as a very developing city but one drawback is the traffic congestion.

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