What Would Be Your Dream Holiday Location And Why?


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My dream holiday location would be Hawaii. The reason for my choice is that there isn't another place in the world which is as exotic and as beautiful as the Hawaiian Islands.

The air in the Hawaiian islands is fresh and filled with aura of florals. It energizes the tourist beyond measure. The ocean surrounding the island adds to the beauty. The waters are warm and tranquil and they don't fail to refresh any visitor. The islands are so rich blessed with natural beauty. It is simply breathtaking. It renews a person.

I do not think one can find a place as beautiful, as refreshing and as exotic as the six beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
The Hawaiian islands have the world's most active volcano. And the world's tallest sea mountain is also found in Hawaii. I would like to see these wonders of nature. Other than the natural beauty a lot of activities are also a major attraction for me. I would love to see, or may be even learn the hula. Hawaii is the youngest state of the United States. But what attracts me most to Hawaii is its most unique feature of its Aloha Spirit. :)
There are six major islands in Hawaii namely,: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii's Big island. I would like to visit all of them…. Maybe someday :)
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Carla Vaught
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Though I have never seen Hawaii, that is my destination too!! I would love to bask in the sunlight, play in the waves and get a wonderful tan!
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My dream holiday location would be in the fairest Cape. I have just returned and I just scratched the surface. It is no accident that Cape Town is called the most beautiful city in the world.

Apart from the astounding natural beauty that is all around you with towering mountains, coastlines, white sand beaches and two oceans in one city.

There is just so much to do. You can whale watch, absail down mountains, wind or kite surf at sunset beach, go up table mountain and look over the fairest cape while you eat. Suntan or play volleyball on Clifton Beach at the foot of the twelve apostles.
You can enjoy the wine route in the beautiful wine lands of Stellenbosch. Paarl and Franshoek, where award winning wines are made and enjoyed in five star surroundings.
The pristine days of sun with cool breezes are magnificent. The list is endless... you can ride horses on wild Longbeach. Surf at Kometjie and Scarborough.

Visit the penguins at wonderful Boulders Beach, go to seal island by boat.
Cape Town's nightlife caters for all tastes, from the refined to the casual.
Here you can find world class resturants and renowned chefs and will eat in stunning locations. The service and hospitality are unequalled.

There is so much to see, buy and do you need more than one holiday.
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Travel to Viet Nam . Served 2 tours of duty there 66-67 , and 1970. To see where I fought , and to see the changes made , Also to visit with the VIET NAMESE people and to attempt to make amends to them .
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I would love to be in Aruba right now, that's my Dream place so I could go and just have a nice relaxing time, forget about the snow, cold weather problems and everything of my everyday living and escape to a warm relaxing place and eat fruit and not think of anything but myself at least for that moment.
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My dream holiday is to be in Canada because my cousins live there. Also because when I went there it was all tidy and very adventurous. I really loved the theme parks, they were awesome. Way to awesome. It's the best place I have been to so far (I'm only (10) ten years old).
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I would spend my ideal holiday at a graveyard with some of my friends for some thrill and adventure...

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My dream holiday will be in Hawaii, where I will spend most
of my time on the beach. My friends went on a group vacation there. They told me that the hotels and their
room services are of high quality, that the foods are delicious and that there
are many entertaining activities.

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textI would dream my holiday location in Kulu and Manali in India. Best to visit at any time for good season and trip for all ages
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America I don't know why it just when people ask me that I say america   


ooh and I have relative that live there and  when I was a baby I lived there  ALSO its because I have seen all the americans film
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I'd say, I'M NOT TELLING, except that at Lord Howe Island, 700km off the Pacific Coast of Australia, they cap the number of tourists at 400 at any given time - so it's safe to tell. Apparently it's a world heritage listed tropical to sub-tropical nature-lovers paradise, and is described as one of the most beautiful Pacific Islands.  Next holiday I get, I'm goin'.
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I love to spend my holidays on panama city Beach in Florida ,it is  dream place  of mine because  its has so many beautiful locations ,wonderful restaurants,peaceful parks,its really awesome place  . The view of beach  is amazing in the night.

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My dream destination for travelling is Los Vegas or Bangkock. As lots of sex and casionos..

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Ken Adams , The lusciously beautiful hills of Munnar in Kerala are one of the most popular destinations in Kerala. Book Kerela tour from Simons Holidays, answered

Kerala Tour - The state is replete with beautiful places that show nature as well as the culture at its best.

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I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii during Christmas. To be on the beach and enjoy the warmth and all. Plus I know I would never be able to take my family so it makes it more of a challenge cause I would not go by myself.
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On the warm, spectacular beaches of Hawaii! Laying back on a beach towel, soaking in the sun, feeling the mist off the waves tickling my skin.....of man I want to be there so bad!!

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