What Is China's Real Name From The Ww2?


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Chyna - Joanie Lauer

Joaine Lauer, popularly known as chyna, is an American actor as well as a
retired professional wrestler. She was born in the month of December in the year 1969. She was in the WWE for a period of four years, widely popular as well as well recognized during the period. She has been nicknamed as the ninth wonder of the world
too. She left home at the tender age of 16, where she went to Spain under the scholarship of the United Nations. She graduated with the double major in the Spanish literature, started to show keen interest in the fitness area, and participated in the fitness America pageant as

She rained at the wrestling school and started her carrier in the WWE when she met both Shawn Michaels as well as triples H in a bar and moved by her appearance they tried to get her in to the WWE circuit. She was labeled as a bodyguard to the triple H matches and often seen in getting physically involved with the fights of triple H
when he encountered the likes of gold dust, mankind etc. She also got a
unique distinction of the first woman to be stunned by the stone cold Steve Austin.

After some years, she betrayed triple H, collaborated with the likes of
Kane and McMahon, and indulged in some serious fight with that of the

She has got many signature moves as well as finishing
moves to her credit like, power bomb, very effective to the opponent as
well as gorilla pres drop and slam to her credit. She also executes the
low blow as well as sleeper slam very well. These moves helped her to
regain her mark in the WWE circuit.

She used many entrance themes including that of the “who am I”
sound track, which continued until her release. She has won various
titles as well as championship like the INTERNATIONAL FEDRATION
CHAMPIONSHIP once as well as rookie of the year
title in 199.

The first woman to have figured in the rank of the best 500
wrestlers and her rank was 235. She also won the intercontinental
championship thrice as well as the woman’s championship once during her
tenure as a professional wrestler. She also has the unique distinction
of being the only woman to enter the royal rumble as well as the king
of the tournament competition. She continued to pose for different
magazine like the playboy as well as other stuff and used her
popularity to the best use. She acted in a number of movies and shot to
fame instantly with her huge popularity as well as having a great
physical structure too.

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