What Is The Distance From Beijing To Chengdu, China?


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The distance from Beijing to Chengdu in China is 1,825kms (1,134 miles).

To drive this distance would take 22 hours and would take you through some of China's most interesting cities along the way, such as:

-Shijiazhuang - the capital of the Hebei province and home to the famous Mount Cangyan, a combination of beautiful mountain scenery and man-made temples.

-Xi'an - formally known as Chang,an, Xi'an is the capital of Shaanxi province and is one of China's most historic cities. It is also home to the 'Terracotta Army', a terracotta replica army of ancient warriors and horses made from stone.

If road trips aren't your thing and you'd rather take the journey the fastest way, you can do so by plane. There are several non-stop flights daily, and it should take around 2hr 20 mins.

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