What's the best place to move to?


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Ace anonymous answered
I have always wanted to move to northern Europe. I would love to live in Germany, or Holland, or France, or some place like that.
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Joe B.
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Well if you get sick of the crappy food in France or the scary people in Germany..... I'll meet you in Holland LOL
Moo C.
Moo C. commented
I once got jacked in Nice, france
it wasn't very Nice after that
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Dupree Breeze answered
Not philly.
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
New york for me
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Anonymous answered

I would love to move Orange Beach,Florida. It is very beautiful place and it is also famous for vacation.

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Joe B. answered
I would love to move to Amsterdam, but I have no idea about much of that society..... Only the red light district and coffee shops, which honestly is all I need :)
Chinno Profile
Chinno answered
Places where its good to find a job.
Jason Levy Profile
Jason Levy answered

think Orange Beach in Florida is the perfect place to move because it
provide best and affordable rentals homes with full of amenities and
world-class resort you expect from a luxury beach front oasis.

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Barb Cala answered

That all depends where you want to live .. What you can afford .. Where you can find a job, etc. Etc.  There's no one best place to live for everyone.

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Hanery Kroze answered

If I would get a chance I will move to London... London is a world unto itself. The eclectic neighborhoods — which house a blend of historical landmarks and modern-day attractions — can keep you occupied for days. Visit the Tower of London and the British Museum or explore Portobello Road and Borough Market.

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