How Many Miles Is It From Belfast To Manchester?


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From Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom it's roughly 167 miles (that is, 270 kilometres) to Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

Belfast, being the capital of Northern Ireland, is a well-known city. It is additionally the biggest city positioned in Northern Ireland as well as the province of Ulster. It also ranks as second-biggest city situated in Ireland (with Dublin being the first). As per the 2001 census, the Belfast Urban Area was home to 277,391 people and the wider Belfast Metropolitan Area was home to 579,276 people.

On the other hand, Manchester is a city nestled in North West England. There is the metropolitan borough of Manchester, with its city status, which is home to 441,200 people. Thus it's the most populous district seen in Greater Manchester Metropolitan County. Note that the Greater Manchester Urban Area is home to 2,240,230, people as per the 2001 census.

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