How Long Is The Flight From London To Dubai?


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When taking a flight from London to Dubai, the question of the duration of time is inescapable especially for a first timer. This is especially so due to the distance involved. When in London, an assumption is made that the departure point is Heathrow airport abbreviated as (LHR) while the destination point is Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Irrespective of the class one flies in, both the time and the distance covered are the same. Factors, which may affect the time taken for a flight, may include stop over. A stop over may be necessitated for instance when the plane needs to be refueled, or for technical matters that relates to the mechanical aspects of the airplane to be checked out. However, in a normal flight the total time duration taken is about seven hours and more specifically, flights are scheduled to take 6 hours and 50 minutes. This happens only when there are no stops during the flight.

Another factor which may lead to extension of the flight is the weather condition. Though it can be predicted, the weather at times may change abruptly in disregard of earlier predictions. Storms for instance over the sea may cause further delay in for the flight. With this in mind, flight scheduling is done to cater for extreme cases such as these. 7 hours and 30 minutes are normally taken with minimal interruption of flights. However, when a flight takes this long, adequate measures are taken to ensure comfort and the crew keeps the passengers informed of what is going on and in cases of emergencies, why stops may be necessary. Flight practice dictates constant review of flight status to avoid panic among the passengers.

The distance between London and Dubai is 3396.08 miles or 5465.31 kilometres on a South East bearing based on air distance. This is a long distance hence the duration taken. With the above in mind, it should be noted that a return flight, from Dubai to United Kingdom (London) takes equivalent time with similar determining factors. Direct flights are highly advised especially for those with health issues relating to long stays aboard a flight while stop over flights are a choice for individuals with a more adventurous and touring approach to the flight.
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The length of flight from London to Dubai tends to vary according to the route taken.  For example, if you fly direct, it is possible to fly in just under 7 hours.  However, this depends on the time that you fly and if you want a cheaper flight then it may take a little longer i.e. 7.5 hours or so.    It is also possible to fly via several destinations, which means that you could make a stop off call at somewhere like Abu Dhabi, which is about an hour from Dubai and would increase the journey time to somewhere in the region of 8-9 hours.    An alternative, if a shorter flight is preferred is to fly from London to Holland or another major European capital and then catch a flight on to Dubai.  This would make the overall journey time longer but it would be done in two stages, as opposed to one longer flight.  
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8-9 hours
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7 hrs
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The distance between the London Heathrow Airport, London and Dubai Airport, Dubai is 3433 Miles and 5492 Kilometers. The flying time from London to Dubai varies according to the type of jet you are flying on, it takes 6 hours and 3 minutes by Boeing 747 and Airbus A340, 6 hours and 28 minutes by Business jet, 24 hours and 5 minutes by Cessna SkyHawk and 26 hours 32 minutes by Bell 206L-4. You can easily find out the flying distance between any two cities or countries in the world, by using the following website:
All you have to do is type in the airport codes(which you can search through the same website) for the departure and arrival locations and it will give you the distance as well as the duration of the flight between them. Enjoy!:)
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The total distance from London to Dubai is found to be 3,403 miles. This distance is equivalent to 5,476 kilometers or 2,957 nautical miles.

The flight will take almost about 6 hours and 48 minutes. Btu the time of the distance varies with the speed of the airplane and the weather conditions that can affect the pace of airplane.

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