What Happened On The Air India Flight Called Kanishka?


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The Air-India Flight called Kanishka (Air India Flight No: 182). It was a boeing-747. The fate of the aircraft was decided mid way through its trip. The plane exploded by a bomb, on the 23rd of June, 1985. There were no survivors, the total count was 329. 22 crew members and 307 passengers. The plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean south of Ireland. At the time of its crash the air craft was at the altitude of 31,000 feet which is about 9500m.

The fatality included 82 kids and 280 Canadian citizens.

The investigation and the prosecution of the case went on for almost 20 years. It is considered as the most costliest prosecution ever carried out in the history of Canada. It nearly cost 130 Million Canadian Dollars. On the 16th of March, 2005, the two main accused Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri were proven innocent. On the 10th of February however the third convict, Inderjit singh Reyat was charged guilty of his crimes against humanity. He is currently serving his five year prison term.

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