Can A PA Convicted Felon Get A Passport?


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Jan Davis answered
I believe you can get a passport and be allowed to leave the country for a trip if you have been convicted of a felon as long as you are not on parole or probation. If you committed a crime and served the time for it, and complied with all terms of your conviction, you can then obtain a passport for making a trip. I am quite certain however, that you cannot do this if you are on parole for the crime you committed until you have satisfied the terms of your parole and or probation. In certain circumstances, such as a death in family or some type of emergency, your parole or probation officer can grant you permission to leave at his or her discretion. As to the terms of this, your parole or probation officer would be the one to explain this to you. If you are not on any type of parole or probation and you have a convicted crime or felon in your past I am sure you would be allowed to travel.

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