Can A Felon Get A Passport?


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I live in North Carolina. In 2002 I was convicted of a felony. I was released from probation in 2005 and discovered my voting rights had been restored. I applied and received a passport in 2008 without any problems.

The only problem I may face is that some contries deny entry to those who have been convicted of felonies. Some say "in the past x-years..." some say "ever."

Although you can't have felonies taken off your record, in some states you can apply for what's called an Executive Pardon five years after the END of your correction term (prison, parole, probation, etc.) This will basically say the state recognizes you as having been rehabilitated from whatever made you commit the crime in the first place (I had a stealing problem. Some have drug problems or are just troubled.) I believe in NC you can own a firearm once your are pardoned, but I'm not 100% cirtain.

Hopefully this will plesently surprise you. Just because you've made some mistakes doesn't mean it's the end of all that's good in your life. You just have to prove it was a mistake and not just YOU. Look all this up. Some attorneys give free consultations over the phone. I wish you the best of luck and everything good :)
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I don't think so,but I don't know your location but the law in most states say no, due to the fact of the arrest and not returning to this country,so no a felon record deprives you of a lot of things...good luck
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In the United States, passports are issued by the FEDERAL government. It has nothing to do with the individual state.

A felon who has served his sentence, and is no longer on parole has the same right to receive a passport as any citizen.

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