Can I Obtain A Passport If I Have A Felony Conviction?


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I went through this and I was so mad to find out that yes I can pay for a passport but when you go to enter another country they won't let you in. I tried getting into Canada with my family but they walked me back to the U.S and said not to try to come back there unless I get permission 6 months in advance first. So yes you can get a passport you just can't go no where
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It depends. If you have just been convicted and is still serving sentence, the answer is NO. On the contrary, if you have served your full term and you have been given released papers and properly cleared, MAYBE depending on the gravity of the felony committed, i.e. Insurrection, rebellion, sedition or high crimes which are inimical to the national interest. Thus, the grant of a passport may be subjected to certain restrictions or limitations in the event you may be granted one.
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I have done several hours of research on this. You cannot really be denied a passport. But you can be denied the right of entry in any country and at the wish of the country.

Furthermore, someone mentioned that they tried to get into Canada has made this point very clear, ALL of us heard it. They do not went criminals in there country. Rather, serious traffic violations on up to felonies. They will likely deny you. UNLESS (and I would bet this holds true for most countries), you need to get there equivalent to a "green" card. Canada calls it a Temporary Citizenship, it basically gives you access around the country like a immigrant would here in the US with a green card.

That is from my several hours of research. Ask a Canadian official for information, read there laws. Good Luck.
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I have been wondering the same thing. When you find out let me know.
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We are goning to cancun in april and my man is a felon but it has been a wail that he has been off paper years could he get a passport and enter mexico and come back to the us

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