If you could have a one month vacation fully paid for by Blurtit. Where would you go and what would you do?


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Karen Profile
Karen answered
I would like a EuroRail pass and travel Europe then purchase a villa in the Southern Region of Italy and live happily ever after. Oh yes, I will also need a NEW Fiat 500 so I can putt around. I can fund it from there!!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
A Europena tour would be it for me. I love parts of Europe, it is full of history and sights to see plus the culture is an amazing experience.
CJ Profile
CJ answered
Go to Italy again and travel the whole country and then live there
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I would spend this one month of vacation living free in the Freetown of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
I would want to go to Los Angeles and to just shop and check out hot guys there. Haha get crazy, oh my god!
Nikki Ridgerider Profile
I'd like to go to Greece, check out my relatives, learn some more Greek. Eat Greek food (yummy!). Then, with my take out of all the food I can handle, I would go to Italy. Then, I would do the exact same thing. After that, I would just travel around the world.

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