What would be your ultimate vacation? Where would you go?


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Well, for my birthday my parents took me and my best friend to Rome, and it was amazing! I've always wanted to go to Italy, so if I had the opportunity, I would love to go back and maybe see some other places there.

I've been to Switzerland twice now, which was great, too. I love the whole atmosphere there, plus it's a really beautiful place, so of course I would love to go back there.

I think it'd be fun to go to Paris as well, because I only went there when I was 5 and we went to Disneyland. I think I'd probably appreciate it more now.

As for places I haven't been to before, I'd have to say Canada, Denmark and Iceland. I also really want to see the Northern and Southern Lights, but I don't know where to go for that.

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Ray Dart
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Ahh - the only thing I know about Folsom is that it is near Sacramento. I once hired a Trans-Am at the airport in Sacramento (I was feeling rich that trip) and then proceeded to leave black tyre burn all over the local roads for the next two weeks. Odd the things you remember......
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TB, you drove in India?
Rooster Cogburn
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It's actually quite a ways from Sac, thankfully! I don't care much for cities. Nice and quiet out here.
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Anywhere where there aren't any other Brits. These days that mainly means the moon. (Although I've heard it's lacking in atmosphere).

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Ray Dart
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Better? How could I possibly ever be even better?


Yep, I'm over the dreaded lurg and back to (whatever my version of) normal (is).
Lard Ass
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Well glad you're over it! I have my own version if normal too! Ha!
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A cruise around the world in the beautiful new Seven Seas Explorer. It only holds 750 passengers so you get more attention compared to cruise ships that can hold thousands.  They have a 3,875 sq ft suite that boosts a master bedroom that has a "wall of windows."  I would love to stop in the ports of Greece, Dubai, Rome, Alaska etc...... To me that would be the ultimate vacation, but first i have to win the lottery (:

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Italy for one as it's my homeland but I love many Pacific Islands also. Not tourist traps like Hawaii but places like Roi-Namur, Solomon Islands, Palawan, and even New Zealand. Beautiful islands!

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That would be Australia and New Zealand, as I always think of them both countries, as their islands are beautiful and they are warm countries as well.

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For me vacations means exploring new places. My ultimate vacation would at some place where i get a lot of activities to perform. The best place for me will be Montgomery for its scenic beauty and the increasing sports activities.

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