If you could go on vacation for the next month with an unlimited budget, where would you go?


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I would go to the new england states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine etc. And there I would go to the different historical sites.

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Lard Ass answered

First I'd go to California, then I'd go to some unknown....or little known island with my man, build a big bonfire on the beach, drink beer, make smores and build sand castles!

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Nice Girl answered

For me , I exactly don't know!

But if I'd have an unlimited budget,I'd travel the whole world!

But for youI'lll advise Singapore!

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If I had an unlimited budget, I would like to travel the whole world to all the places. Then if I finally finished traveling I would decide which place is the best and live there.

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I'd go everywhere. I'd meet people, have experiences. I'd travel the world to find love. And I think I would start with the states, since I've only been to like 5, and I live in the US, which is pretty sad. See, when you don't get the privilege of travel as a kid, you long to get out of your stupid hometown and go everywhere. So where am I going? I don't know yet, but wherever my road takes me, I'll follow.

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Jason Levy answered

If i have unlimited budget i just want to  go panama city beach in Florida, it is such a terrific place for vacations  and i really want to see all superior places in Florida ,Like wise  zoo ,the peaceful state park and many more places.

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