Who Would You Offer A Seat On Public Transport?


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~Darren~ ~BigBoySly~ Profile
I  would  give  my  seat  up  to  any  female , cause  i believe  that  would be the most  respectful thing  to   do
sweet salonee Profile
sweet salonee answered
Yup, senior citizens, disabled, and ofcource ny1 who feels it more urgent than me...~~~
Joan Profile
Joan answered
I am one of those old people that you are speaking about.  I have bad knees and a breathing problem so I would certainly appreciate finding a kind person that would allow me to sit.  I, on the other hand, would give up my seat to someone that seemed older and perhaps more infirm than me.  A pregnant lady would get an immediate seat from me as would a woman that had a child/children with her.  George Washington Carver said, "How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong - because someday you will have been all of these."  You simply never know when one simple act of kindness will make someones day.
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
Sure.  I Rode The Bus  Many Many Years Before I Got My License. Anybody Handicapped.. Or With A Cane..  Children ..Ladies With Strollers.. People.. Who Have Like 4 Or Five Bags..  You Can Tell By Looking In Someones Eyes ..If They Are Having A Rough Day... Because I Could Break My Leg Tommorow  Never Can Tell.. Could Get  Arthritis In My Knee.. I'd Want Someone To Let Me Sit Down There Is Always Someone Who Has It Worse Off Than You.. Maybe They Can Barely Even Afford To Even Ride The Bus. At PARC I See All Kinds Of Disabilities
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
Any one who needs to sit!
Miranda Sareen Profile
Miranda Sareen answered
Well family, disabled, people who didnt have a seat, people who couldn't afford any other seats (if that is possible), people who needed it, ladies, anyone if it was the only seat left, senior citizens, and pregnant people.
Jack Mahon Profile
Jack Mahon answered
Well, first and foremost the driver. Today at my age I'd expect all the passengers to stand when I got on a bus, I have morphed from the chivalrous to the chilvalree.
John Profile
John answered
No one as i expect there would be plenty of seat and besides it's dangerous to stand on a bus with the drivers they have today.have you seen how many bus accidents happen everyday.besides there are designated areas on the bus for elderly,handicapped,pregnant.as long as i have lived i have never seen anyone give up their seat to someone else at least here where i live.you should consider yourself blessed if someone even holds the door open for you anymore.the only ones that i have ran into that even think of anyone else is mothers in line at the grocery store when i am behind them with 4 bags of chips to their 2 carts of groceries they allow me to go ahead of them so i am not waiting in line for 20 minutes while the clerk rings up their things. So maybe i would give up my seat to a mom or soon to be mom.:). Maybe hahahahahaha. Now i have a question for you wou you pay for someones lunch order at a drive through even if you did not know them.(r.a.k.)
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I'll make this easy on both you and me..... I would offer my seat to anybody who wanted it..... Because although I am not the specimen of fitness I can surely manage to stand for the duration of any length of transport, or worst case wait for the next transit mobile...
Jeannie Profile
Jeannie answered
Hey Keith,

Older folks, disabled folks, people with young children or a child I think as I am more able to stand up than they might be.

Midnite star Profile
Midnite star answered
Anyone who was disabled, tired, elderly, with child or had children with them or groceries/bags to carry. Or even just a weary traveler needing a break from standing. Or someone who only looked tired &  would appreciate sitting down for a while.

It's really awful how hard it is to hold on standing on public trans. U can break your giggy doing that !! They shouldn't overload this transportation to begin with. It's too dangerous for anybody.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Anyone whose in worse shape than I am,
no matter the age or the sex or someone
whose been having a rougher day than I have
Say, a mother with three kids and one babe-in-arms
and all of them fussy and tired.
Jet Fighter Profile
Jet Fighter answered
Yes I would offer it to any one that looks like they really need to sit down , and of course all that you listed under your question .

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