I'm travelling to Zagreb, Croatia in the summer. What are some places I can't miss out on whilst I'm there?


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So, I really don't know much about this region, but I did a little research and here are some of the places I came up with.

  • Uppertown (Gornji Grad)
  • Maksimir Park (Maksimirirski Perivoj)
  • Croation National Theatre in Zagreb
  • Museum of Broken Relationships
  • Mirogoj Cemetery
  • Croatian Museum of Naive Art
These are just a couple that appeared interesting to me. I don't know necessarily what your interests are, but the general public gave all of the above, solid ratings.


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I live in Zagreb and there are countless places to see that are not in online brochures or tourist boards. Noah pointed out a few main ones. Can you tell me when you are coming and I'll show you around and tell you in person where you can see everything. On my don't miss list is :
Gornji Grad ( the old part of Zagreb)


Croatian national theater

Maksimir ( I live close by so I can give you a tour)

Mirogoj Cemetery ( the most beautiful cemetery in the world if you ask me)

While walking around town you will see allot of beautiful stuff that is not so special like the ones mentioned but will make the whole experience even better. As I said there are allot of "secret" places that you will not find and no tourist place will tell you. They are hidden around the whole town.

We have a solar system made in scale and planets placed everywhere with the sun in the center. It is hard to find all of them and I suggest you don't try since some of the planets are in bad hoods but it is just a teaser about what you can find here :)

See ya.

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Dan Banks
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Thanks Filip, cool yeah that's a great idea, I'll need someone to show me around! I've never been there before.

I'll be in Zagreb from the 8th-10th of July, then we move on to Zadar for a few more days. We're also planning to stop off at Plitvice lakes on the way between the two!

I went to Dubrovnik with my parents when I was a teenager and have loved Croatia ever since. We're going there as part of a three-week long interrail trip around Europe. Great answer!

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